Monday, August 07, 2006

Your Questions & My Answers!

Uncle Joe: Comment vous-appelez vous?

Saur: Yes, but only with cinnamon and sugar, and the piecrust must be light and flaky.

Tabasamu (TC): OK, as you know, I have a recipe blog (I'm home sick today, which is why I have the time to post!) I'll be you could have guessed that I want one of your favorite recipes!

Saur: I’ll share one which is almost an embarrassment, since I’m a gourmet cook and I grew up with gourmet cooks. But I also make allowances for wonderful shortcuts and this is a great recipe to whip up when you’re feeling lazy but the kids want fresh-baked cookies. Note that I really do not advocate using cake mix to make cakes *shudder*. And don’t use margarine, whatever you do! Ewwww!

Cake Mix Cookies

1 pkg. cake mix, any flavor
½ C. butter, softened
1 egg

Heat oven to 350 degrees F. In large bowl, combine all ingredients at low speed until thoroughly moistened. Drop by rounded tablespoonfuls onto aluminum foil covered cookie sheets (cleanup is SO much easier). Bake for 9-13 minutes or until set. Cool 2 minutes; remove from cookie sheets. Makes roughly 30 cookies.

Lazy Iguana: What flies faster, an African or a European swallow? NOTE - both swallows are unladen. Neither is carrying a coconut.

Saur: OK, the real answer is “faster than the other ones carrying the bricks”. Don't let anyone else tell you differently.

Mike Althouse: Why is the sky blue???

Saur: Because God didn’t like green as a refractive color. And it’s hard to let anyone predict the end of the world if the sky’s already blood-red.

Susie & Anonymous: is the EX keeping his distance? or better yet, are YOU keeping your distance from the ex? oh, you knew that was coming didn't you. heehee

Saur: Define distance. I really am not being a smart-aleck or avoiding the question, but to go into any detail takes more effort than I’d like to here. Suffice it to say that I know what I’m doing, I’m not dating him again and will not.

I wish him well in his recovery, but we’ve been broken up for 8 months now and he's been gone for over 2. Although our lives continue to intersect, and I wish him well, I keep my distance and have chosen to move on. I would make a rotten match for him now, anyway. For him, I think I make a better friend. That is all I have to give.

Reverberate58: What part of Tampa Bay do you live in? Just curious as to which of the tri cities!

Saur: The Largo/Clearwater area. There are parts here that allow you to live a peaceful, quiet life although you can still take advantage of the busier cities nearby.

Ellen: Do you ever plan on running for a political office someday?

Saur: I’ve always enjoyed running things from behind the scenes. I’m great at spin control and writing speeches, but I currently don’t have any desire to be in the limelight.

Perhaps I’ll change my mind some day, if I see a pressing need arise. But I can’t envision what would put me into that rat race.

Ted: What are your dreams like?

Saur: I don’t know if you mean this literally or as hopes/plans, but I’ll take it literally. I dream in TechniColor. They’re very vivid, follow plot lines, and are almost always very exciting. Sometimes they’re nightmares, sometimes not. I usually conquer whatever monsters or demons that need to be conquered. I fly a lot.

When I’m stressed, I dream of the indoors and underground mazes I can’t escape from. When I’m happy (or at least at peace), I dream of the outdoors. Nowadays, I mostly dream of the outdoors, I fly a great deal, and it's incredibly detailed (as they always are).

Snicksnack: What do you wish you could do better than you do? And are you starting to date again or are you considering it?

Saur: I would like to be able to paint consistently all the time. When I feel wildly artistically creative (which is very rarely) I can draw and paint like a master. And of course I'd like to get over my stage fright when it comes to singing.

As for dating, I certainly have considered it. Up until recently, it was simply finding the time and energy needed to do it!

lou martonishi: I've read your blog a lot, and you have the ability to always make it interesting. What is your IQ? Have you ever been tested?

Saur: Thank you! It’s been tested, it’s genius level, but a number’s a number. The truth is, IQ can be “increased” despite the common belief that it’s set in stone. There are books that help (do a google for Mensa books)! So, if IQs are easy to manipulate, what is their true worth?

Let’s face it, most people who know they have high IQs think that this makes them special. What makes each of us special is what’s in our hearts as well as what’s in our heads.

Jef :

1. Would you ever pose nude for money?

2. What would your last meal be and who would you dine with if you had to pick 3 people?


1. I would possibly post nude for a famous painter, I definitely wouldn’t pose nude for photographs. One is artistic, the other merely prurient, IMHO.

2. My parents and my son would be with me. If I were to pick anyone other than they, I would probably want to surround myself with spiritual leaders. If I were allowed to throw a party (and I felt like partying) my guest list could be quite large!

As for food, it would depend on if I felt like partying or not. Comfort food is probably the best for last meals, which would mean poached eggs mixed with sliced, hot buttered toast and a glass of diet Coke. I realize this is a foodie's nightmare.

Mr. Fabulous: This is timely. I was going to ask you this anyway, since you are very knowledgable about so much. I may, in a week or ten days, take my "dooced" story to the media. Any tips on where to begin? This weekend I will be compiling a list of email addresses so that when I get the go-ahead I can let fly.

Saur to Everyone: I’ve already addressed this with Mr. Fabulous via email now. He has a very interesting story (having been dooced) and I look forward to seeing what publicity comes from it!

Senor Caiman:

1. How big are your feet?

2. How long does it take you to fix your hair?

3. How often do get a pedicure?

4. What type of deoderant do you use?

5. Do you snore?

6. Can you make yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting?

7. Do you make your own coleslaw or buy it from the store?

8. How much flab do you have under your upper arm?

9. Have any of your boyfriends accused you of having bad breath?

10. Why are you frustrated with your hair?


1. Size 7 ½ - 8 most of the time.

2. 15 minutes, tops! But then, I’m very used to doing it by now.

3. Every 2 weeks.

4. Whatever’s strongest! I am a girl with a high metabolism who sweats, not perspires.

5. I’m not awake when it happens, so I can’t verify it, but I’ve been told by some people (who undoubtedly have malicious agendas) that I do.

6. I can! But I don’t. In fact, I never have!

7. I hate coleslaw. With a passion.

8. None. But they’re very muscular.

9. Not that I recall (ah, the benefits of dental hygiene!)

10. What woman isn’t???

...and why is it that I think you could use these answers with a very different set of questions that would make Pamela Anderson blush...?


1. Do you pick your nose while driving (men normally are guilty of this)?

2. Do you have a lucky charm?

3. What is your favorite drink and food?

4. What country would like to live in, other than the USA?

5. Do you speak another language?

6. What make-up item(s) do you carry in your purse?

7. What is your favorite color?

8. Name a pet peeve of yours.


1. No. Ew.

2. Actually, I do – despite the fact that it’s superstitious claptrap. It’s a silver dollar.

3. Fave food and drink? I have so many! OK, let’s choose Diet Coke and sushi.

4. One that I rule over.

5. Only very little, very badly.

6. Lip gloss!

7. Blue. Most of the time. Except when it isn't.

8. People who misuse the word “myriad”. The word is simply a substitute for “many”. Do we say “There are a many of cars on the highway today, Julie, and traffic is at a standstill! Back to you!”???
I don't think so!


OK, these are political.
1. I would like _________ to be the next Governor of Florida.

2. Out of all the potential (and viable) candidates known nationally, the best one for President in 2008 would be_____________________.


1. Hulk Hogan. Hey! Jesse "The Body" Ventura could do it! All right, all right… If I have to choose from the current candidates, make it Tom Gallagher. But I’m not thrilled with any of the candidates. I actually think Hulk could do better. And if not, he’d be much more entertaining.

2. Elizabeth Dole. But she won’t run. Actually I’d love to see Christine Todd Whitman throw her hat in the ring. Otherwise, I’d back Lieberman.

TS: if you could rewrite US policy on Cuba, what would it be?

Saur: Tighten up the sanctions and do not allow travel between the countries. We are currently sending them some aid and allowing some limited trade. I believe that to be a huge mistake. But then, I am one of the rare people who feels that America needs to be isolationistic, with a zero-tolerance policy for governments that abuse and repress their citizens (as Cuba and China do).

Mindless Dribbler: Capital punishment or no?

Saur: Yes, but with swifter results and a limited appeals process. I'll even save them a little on their budget by volunteering to pull the switch.

To everyone who is gasping in shock at this revelation: Yeah, yeah. I know. How heartless. Next!


1. Why do cats always want out when you are catching up on your blogs?

2. Why has blogger been eating all (ok, MOST) of my comments the last two weeks?


1. Because cats are secretly space aliens from the planet Ziburon. They have a hidden agenda; which is to suppress free speech, disrupt our lives, and make smelly messes. George Bush is also from the planet Ziburon.

2. The cats are interfering. Shhh!

Seriously, everyone is having problems with Blogger. I'm hearing a lot about problems with posting pics. Many of us are going to a free hosting service and using our own code, because Blogger's become so unreliable. And, of course, there are the cats.

Aunt Josephina:

1. What is the one beauty product you absolutely cannot live without?

2. Will you come and visit us? (If no, can we come and visit you?)

3. What kind of car do you drive?

4. What is your favorite piece of jewelry?


1. chapstick / lipgloss.

2. Yes! And yes! I have room, this is Florida, and I’m near all sorts of places that people are dying to go to: Bush Gardens, Disney World, and the world-famous Chimp Farm.

3. A new-ish Honda and I love it. I never thought I would love a car. I beat the hell outta them and back, but this one keeps on chugging right along!

4. My white gold necklace with large matching princess-cut CZ pendant (remember, I won’t buy diamonds and I won’t wear them). To be fair, this is only a current favorite. You know how that goes with me.

Some Random Girl: What do you look like? When will you post a picture? Even a partial picture.

Saur: I actually look similar to this icon, but older (of course) since the icon looks like it’s in it’s early 30s and I just turned 40. My friends will tell you I look similar, but they could be lying to both of us, for all I know. However, I am pretty well-known in certain parts of the community and it’s much better (and I’m much more effective) if I stay anonymous. That means I’m stuck with the icon.

Dave Away From Home:

1. Name your guiltiest pleasure. And no, not something like "chocolate, because I shouldnt eat it". I want true guilt, of the public embarrassment variety.

2. When you load a roll of toilet paper, does it hang down in front, or in back?


1. Well, because this is PG-13, I’ll simply have to go with a weird food quirk. Have you ever seen those carmel candies with the cream centers (called "bullseyes" by some)? I love the centers, but the carmel could choke a horse! When I want a sugar rush, I’ll buy a bag, suck out the cream, and spit out the carmels. Ew. Not a pretty sight, and one that only my son has seen me do (he may need counseling for this later).

It’s not as bad as chewing tobacco, but I’d guess it’s a close second. My only defense is that I do this rarely... Which is the same thing that Clinton said about Monica.

2. In front! What hottentot positions it to hang down in back, so that you bark your knuckles reaching for it???

Jenn: Do you believe in hell?

Saur: I would love to believe that there isn't one, but I do believe in hell. Of course, that also means that I believe in heaven. As to what it takes to get to either place; follow directions. I'm a Christian; in some ways classically so, and in some ways I'm a non-conformist.

OK, I ponied up the answers. Now it's your turn. Pick a question and give me your answer!


The Lazy Iguana said...

I think Ill pick the "rewrite US policy on Cuba" question!

1. Apply the same rules to Cuba that is applied to Haiti. Or Mexico for that matter. No more "wet foot dry foot" stuff. Float here and the Coast Guard floats you back. Regardless of the status of your feet.

2. Open up full trade. Why the heck not? It is not like people do not smuggle Cuban rum and cigars in the USA anyway. Also it will cause Castro to have to blame someone else for all the problems on the island.

3. End travel restrictions. If you only knew how many so called "exiles" travel back to Cuba on charter flights from Miami!

Mr. Althouse said...

Wow, that must have taken quite a little time! And my but you're up late!!

Your pet peeve of the misuse of "myriad" reminded me of one of my vocabularial (new word… call Websters!) pet peeves: Misuse of the word "unique." It means "one of a kind." Therefore, nothing can be "very unique."


There, I feel better.


Christine said...

My grammatical pet peeve is the common practice of ending a sentence with a preposition.

EX: I know where I am AT.
I like to sleep IN.
Hate it! It makes the speaker sound a bit "dumb", shall I say?

Even newscasters are doing it, and they no longer sound professional in their delivery.

Love your answers, Saur.
I feel as if I know you better now.

michelle said...

Since it is election time. Why Gallagher and not Crist?

Christine said...

Gallagher is a bit of a whore-dog, isn't he?
Then there's the disturbing news that he may have been investing in the very companies he was charged to regulate.

Edge said...

Yes, I would pose nude for money, but only if I could retain the rights to the pictures and the negatives.


Ed Abbey said...

I feel like I know you now. :)

R2K said...

I love this post the most.

mckay said...

When you load a roll of toilet paper, does it hang down in front, or in back?

the tp must always flow over the roll, like a waterfall. i've been known to make the necessary changes while at other people's houses. yes, i am weird.

p.s. saur, i like all your picture choices :0)

Kathleen said...

While I think he will win, PLEASE DEAR GOD NOT CRIST!

Reverberate58 said...

I will chime in with where you live. I lived in the Tampa Temple Terrace area for most of my life. Then the year or so before I moved north I lived in Pinellas Park! I still have family in Tampa, some in Fort Myers! And the oldest Stepson and his wife live near Orlando. He works for the big mouse! Maybe we can lunch on my next visit down!

Senor Caiman said...


My eyes are tired from workin so I'll have to read this over a few days. On the surface it appears as though you answered all the questions which is good because I give partial credit.

michelle said...

Ok I am answering the same questions Saur answered. I started at the bottom and worked my way up. I am giving answers only so it should be interesting to read without the questions.

Yes, I believe in hell.

Guilty pleaser, PG answer is chocolate cookie dough.

I just throw the roll of toilet paper on, don't pay attention. I am the only girl in the family so no one cares.

Would not post a picture, I hate my picture taken.

I must have mascara. With red hair my eyelashes are blond/red so without mascara you I look like I have no eyelashes.

Mitzubishi Lancer

My wedding ring is my favorite piece of jewlery.

Don't like cats, so I cannot answer.

Capital punishment, yes

Skipping the politics question.
(Hulk Hogan sounds good to me.)

No lucky charm. Love crab. Give me a Captain Morgan any day, I would like to try Italy or Germany to live in, I know very very little Spanish (ok, no I don't know another language), lipstick is in my purse, green is my favorite color, pet peeve (who me?)

I am ok with my hair, I have a husband (no boyfriend) and he says nothing about my breath (my little man will however), I don't think I have upper arm flab (ask Saur), I don't care for cole slaw either, I can make Duncan Hines yellow cup cakes with already made chocolate frosting (and that happens to be my favorite), I do not snore (the rest of the family does), no pedicures, I take 3 minutes to fix my hair (maybe less), my feet are a size 7 1/2.

No nude picture, never ever.

My husband and two kids and we would have crab and wine (the kids would have chicken nuggets and yoohoo)

Not a clue what my IQ is, probably average.

I wish I could cook better, have more patients, and be more playful.

I don't remember my dreams

No political office, but I am getting good at helping others.

I live in the same part of Tampa Bay that Saur does.

My ex better keep his distance

The sky is blue because that is what I was told when I was young.

Saur answered the swallow question

TC, you have my recipes. I don't have anymore.

ts said...

who would i like for president in 2008?


Meow said...

What a brilliant post, Saur ... I loooove your answers. Sorry I wasn't around to post a question, but everyone else appeared to have had a heap of fun doing it.
Hope you are having a great week.
Take care, Meow

Mr. Fabulous said...

I have sooo many pet peeves...

How about the use of the phrase "I could care less" when what they really mean is "I couldn't care less?" Is that extra syllable really such a burden?

Aunt Jo said...

Saur you are the Post Hostess with the Mostest!!

Great post!

I must have my mascara to accent my blue eyes. They are my favorite thing on my face. :o)

~Deb said...

Hmmm...I think I gained 20 lbs just by reading some of this stuff. And, I didn't know you were a gourmet cook!

By the way, when I took a quick glance at your photo of deodorants, umm, I thought it was something else. (laughing at myself here) I need sleep!

Three Score and Ten or more said...

When I read the questions last week I could hardly wait to get the answers. Brilliant idea, I would try it my self but I'm afraid I wouldn't get any questions. (or that I've already answered them, which is worse). Two things: You are a southern lady, regardless of outside (or even inside) perceptions, Horses sweat, Men perspire, Southern ladies "glisten" (even if the glistening is a little runny). I'm with you on "myriad", agree with althous passionately on "unique", and am currently irritated with misuse of the term "graduated" ("I graduated high school", I would like to see a high school that some one graduated.), As for posing nude, I am much too kind to inflict that on the world.

(I am not sure why McAfee Site Advisor finally let me comment on this. I am not sure that twenty minutes of mild profanity really had an effect, but something did.)

Senor Caiman said...

Excellent Post.

Wow, I can't believe you don't like homemade coleslaw.

You could barefoot water ski if you wanted to.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Senor, well... there is only one coleslaw that I've had in my entire life that I could choke down. It's the coleslaw that was made by a restaurant chain that may not even exist anymore. They only had a couple restaurants in northern Florida and southern Alabama, I believe. It was called "Cock of the Walk", believe it or not. They were famous for cooking cornbread at your table, throwing it up in the air, and catching it again in the skillet. I kid you not.

3 Score & 10, wonderful answers! And you know, I hate it when people mess up words like that, too! It makes my hair stand on end!

Deb, *LOL* No, you were right. That was the focus of the marketing team that designed the bottles for Tickle deoderant.

Aunt Jo, so when are you coming here on vacation?

Mr. Fabulous, yes! that one drives me nuts, too!

Meow, I'm so glad you liked it!! ;o)

TS, that's a new one to me! I'll have to do some research!

Michelle, good gravy! You really got into it! That's soooo cool! I loved your answers, and didn't expect them all, either. Thanks for sharing!!!

Reverb, you're on! I'll definately do it!

Kathleen, yeah, Crist is pretty scary. Then again, they all are.

McKay, I change it too! Drives me nuts... *muttering* Glad you liked the pics! ;o)

Alex, I'm so glad! I'll add it to The Best of Saur post, then.

Ed, I'm so glad you feel like that. How's the new baby?

Jef, really??? Wild! Wouldn't it bother you to think of any nasty, skanky women who would be staring at you? It creeps me out to think about it!

Chris, your grammatical peeves are of interest to me! As for the why choose question...there isn't a great difference to me. I don't like Gallagher either. I don't like ANY of them. I just dislike Gallagher a little less, that's all.

Mike A, you're right! I never thought about the word "unique" that way but now I'll be more cautious when I use it!

Lazy Iguana, actually, you made good points. When I sat back and thought about it, I decided that I may reverse my position. If they're tied to us economically, they may want to play more nicely than they do now, huh?