Tuesday, November 22, 2005

How To Fix the Oil Crisis

Every time I hear a conservative talk show host talk about how oil companies are entitled to make any profits they wish, it makes me want to vomit. NOTE: Not all talk show hosts say this. Michael Savage (my favorite) is quick to condemn these greedy b*stards.

But we all know that the talk show hosts who are pro-oil are in the pocket of the Republican Party (i.e. George Bush) who is assuredly in the pocket of Big Oil. I am a Republican, and I am very ashamed of these neo-cons who posess the ethics of Ghengis Khan. Well, actually Ghengis was probably more ethical.

I've heard it argued (by men that might otherwise be considered intelligent) that Big Oil is entitled to reap as much profit as possible! After all, this is America! Home of The American Dream! The only problem is that Big Oil is not American.

Does that mean that non-Americans are not entitled to do business in America and make a profit? Of course not! But it does mean that they need to come second in our loyalties, despite the fact that the House of Saud is very cozy with the Bush family (Bush Sr. is a consultant for them).

I actually heard a conservative talk show host tell a caller that if it costs too much in gas to go to work every day, he needs to sell his home and move closer to where he works. And no, he wasn't kidding!

This is out of control. Sure gas prices are dropping now, because Americans are getting very vocal about how they feel they are being raked over the coals by Big Oil. It's in Big Oil's best interest to pacify the Hottentots. You can only screw someone so much before they begin to protest a little too loudly for comfort.

I am extremely pro-environment. But I am also a realist. We don't have any immediate easy answers. Not everyone owns or can afford a hybrid or electric car. And almost everyone needs to drive. And no, Mr. Talk Show Host, not everyone can afford to move and create communities around their place of business. As we all know, there is no guaranteed employment in this country. Imagine how many times in a lifetime we might have to move!

So, it is time to start drilling in Alaska. It is time to set up drilling off the coast (out of sight from the shore). We are facing some tough decisions but these are now the only choices we have. We must take a deep breath and face them. It is time for America to make it's own destiny once again. Right now, we are at the mercy of others. That is not where America should be.


Kathleen said...

I agree with you on most of this post. A discussion about the areas where we don't agree will have to be for a later time.

Regarding the drilling, I agree we need to tap into our own resources, but first and foremost we must begin to build more refineries. Our ability to refine the oil is seriously lacking.

Just one more quick comment. If you look at the price of gas in America and compare it to prices in Europe, we have a pretty sweet deal.

United We Lay said...

That makes me angry, too. If oil companies have the right to make any profits they want, why is it unfair for dairy farmers to raise the price of milk any time they wish to make bigger profits? Oil has always been seen as a luxury, but with people using it to drive to work or to heat their homes, isn't it as much of a necessity as eggs and bread?

Comparing the price of gas in other countries to here is not necessarily fair. The high price of gas in Europe comes from the additives that must be added to the petrol in order for it to be made environmentally safe. It has nothing to do with production cost or supply and demand.

Edge said...

I too think some of it is gouging, but a little history is needed. They could be making a lot more! GASP!

Ya, they charge that much for a reason. Taxes ...

Yep, a few years ago a bill was passed to charge something called the Windfall profits tax. It's targeted only at Oil companies. When they make money they are charged a tax no other company is charged for a profit. Pin that on the taxing liberals.

#2 - Why do we make a big deal of making a profit? If a farmer totally raises his prices through the roof and people pay it we don't get upset. And this has been happening. Notice the price of milk lately? It's price skyrocketed higher than gas's percentage.

#3 - The only way to stop this is to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels. That will take down the crisis in the middle east and our green house ( which is a big farce ) and force demand down for FF's. But when you do that you put every mechanic in jeopardy of losing a job, every gas station owner in jeopardy of closing, every person that works in a refinery in jeopardy of losing his job.

Hmmm ... we have a bigger problem than we first thought.


FTS said...

I'm not informed enough to offer any reasonable opinions on who is in whom's pocket. All I know is we must find alternate means of power because (obviously) fossil fuel is a finite resource. I can't help but feel history will play itself out as written before we reach that point, however.

AP3 said...

I agree with much/most of this post, too... put I don't want to do more drilling. I want offshore wind turbines and such. If we can produce electricity through renewable measures (wind, sun, etc.), then we can leave the oil for cars until we figure that part out -- with biodiesel, hybrids, better public transportation, etc.

uncle joe said...


Jamie Dawn said...

I agree that we need to start drilling. Mostly, we need to pour money into alternative fuel sources. Our foreign dependency must end.

Jessica said...

Not everyone owns or can afford a hybrid or electric car. And almost everyone needs to drive.

I agree. But wouldn't it be great if that weren't true? We're completely a car culture--by necessity and identity. I'm encouraged by the demand for hybrids and hope that some day I'll be one of those cool people driving one.

Lee Ann said...

My boyfriend and I talk about this exact thing. You have nailed it on the head.
Good post

Saur♥Kraut said...

Lee Ann, thanks, hon!

Jessica, I agree. I understand that one of the things that has held back sales is that there are firefighters and EMTs who say that if there's a car accident they won't want to touch that car to get to the victims, since it might cause an electrical short and could potentially electrocute them. I heard it on the news some time ago, but how widespread this is, or if it's factual... I don't know.

Jamie Dawn, I understand it's very easy to convert a car to burn ethanol...?

Uncle Joe, ;o)

AP3 I agree... I don't want more drilling either. I just don't know if we have any better (immediate) alternatives...?

FTS, I can't help but feel history will play itself out as written before we reach that point, however. Most likely you are correct...

Jef, yeah...they could be making a lot more, but as I pointed out, you can only screw people so much before they rebel completely. So, I think that is what is restraining them to a certain extent.

I agree that unfairly taxing something is not right, but I also strongly believe in taxing all imports, so you're actually preaching to the wrong person on that issue.

I've heard argument #2 but milk was always underpriced (it was and is subsidized) and it's not consumed in the vast quantities that gasoline is.

I've heard #3 before too, but let's not get silly. Some jobs will be lost, but will be replaced by others. For instance, if we start to use ethanol, everyone will be working at ethanol plants instead. And farmer's will sell more corn crops. It will even out.

Polanco, excellent points.

Kathleen, I'd be curious to find out where we disagree. ;o)

michelle said...

I am in agreement with you too!

How are you? The back?

michelle said...

PS. Why is it a holiday week and I am so busy at work. Is it just me????? Have a great Turkey Day if we dont' talk!

The Lazy Iguana said...

I choose to buy my gas from Citgo. You may or may not know this, but Citgo is a Venezuelan company.

You just gave me an idea for my next post.

actonbell said...

I agree with much that you say, but I'm afraid that the world's oil production is just not going to continue to keep up with our needs--eventually, more drilling isn't going to be enough. What I want to see happen is more public transportation--I mean, LOTS of public transportation. I'm willing to pay the taxes. In the long run, with our population and environment issues, it will be the only way.

The technology for cars that don't run on gas is there, but that will be very expensive, and not immediate, either.

Anyway,I don't think we should keep throwing money into band-aid solutions.

Lava said...

Great post! Thanks for stopping by my blog btw.

I agree - we do need to start drilling here - and take care of ourselves!!

The Zombieslayer said...

I am a Republican, and I am very ashamed of these neo-cons who posess the ethics of Ghengis Khan.

I'm not a Republican, but very conservative economically and these neo-Cons spend like there's no tomorrow. They make fellow conservatives look bad. I definitely don't think the interests of big oil match the interests of capitalist America.

I love Michael Savage. The guy cracks me up. He's offended me a few times, but a lot of issues, he's right on.

I think it's time to buy a diesel and convert it to vegetable oil. I'll look into it.

SaurĂ¢™¥Kraut said...

Michelle, better every day. I spent about 4 hours yesterday counseling the Bride-2-Be. There are some additional issues that need to be addressed (I do think she's making the right decision, overall).

It's a pretty quiet week here, but don't studies show that the holidays always create more 'customers' for you?

Lazy Iguana, Citgo for me from now on!!! Thanks! Can't wait to see your post!

Acton Bell, you're right, but there is no getting around the fact that we need an immediate solution. Perhaps a compromise could be reached where American Oil would only have a set-time contract (10 years, then it gets shut down and dismantled) or a limited one (you're only allowed X number of rigs or X amount of access)...?

Lava, my pleasure! I really like your blog!

Zombieslayer, yep...we see eye-2-eye!

michelle said...

NO it is suppose to be quite until January!

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

"The technology for cars that don't run on gas is there, but that will be very expensive, and not immediate, either."

See - it is not really expensive, it is time consuming to process it yourself. Willy Nelson is backing bio diesel and has it available in TX while MN is requiring all diesel sold in the state to be 2% biodiesel.

It's slow but it's coming along.

Just because I couldn't go enjoy the wilderness of Alaska doesn't mean I don't want my grands to have the option. DON'T DRILL our few last wilderness areas.

Fred said...

What's amazing to me is that I have solar-powered lights all aroung my flower bed. Why the heck can't we start using more of that process, add wind turbines, and develop alternative energy? Couple that with conservation, and also drilling, and we should be able to take charge of our future.

It's amazing to me that all we seem to do is talk about it, yet nothing gets done.