Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Incense Matches and Etc.

The Etc.

1) I keep on promising that I'll blog about Tampa, but I have a hard time really forcing myself to do it. Forgive me. I lived there for a couple years, and whenever I think of "Tampa", I think of diesel fumes, dirt, grime, noise and crime. I realize that there are some cities that are worse, and that there are some parts of Tampa which are better, but it makes it hard to get enthusiastic enough to write an entire post about it. I'll get around to it, I promise!

2) I really appreciate the responses I got for my post yesterday. I don't know if I alienated anyone yet, because they are usually the people that don't post. However, I didn't expect to get such an enthusiastic series of amens! ;o) I answered each of you.

3) I want to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone for getting behind on my blogs. I will check in on each and every one of you, but with all the current chaos I simply have little time to sit down at the computer and enjoy them.

Incense Matches

I've found a nifty little whatnot that I'm really enjoying. It's a cheap thrill at 99 cents a pack! These Incense Matches are the coolest thing since sliced bread, for those of you who either enjoy incense or use it in meditations.

Yeah yeah, I know the marijuana / incense connection. But if you smoke dope, do you really think incense covers it up? Nah! You just smell like perfumy dope. Trust me on this one. Barf.

I don't like incense smoke which is so thick it looks as if your house is on fire, so these little honeys are the perfect solution. They burn just enough to give you a taste of it, but not send you flying blindly outdoors to breathe again.

You hear people say (when a bathroom stinks) "Oooh, light a match!" while they're waving about frantically. Here's the perfect solution that really will smell like something more than sulfur! I use them in my study when I take a coffee break, because they change the atmosphere of the room immediately. But hey, if you need it for your bathroom, I'll never tell!


Brianne said...

I *love* incense, and HATE that it is associated with drugs! I usually don't go a week withouth burning my incense in the dorm room, even though it's on the "restricted" list. But hey, this girl goes nowhere without her incense. These look like cute little matches - I imagine they would be nice for a car as well.

FTS said...

I like incense, but not for its [ahem] intended purpose. These matches sound interesting, though the main reason I keep them around is to light the incense. ;)