Friday, July 07, 2006

The Doggy Cafe

My life is terribly busy right now, and yesterday was no exception. Ozma turned out to be OK, but we're still awaiting her results.

My day began to decline in the afternoon when I saw how low my bank balance had fallen with all the home improvements that we've been forced to do lately. It got worse when I got a hoarse call from the ex-boyfriend, who said he simply wanted to let me know he was still alive (after no contact for 5 days). There will be some people who will be terribly disappointed to hear that.

But at 8 o'clock at night my phone rang, as I was lying dejectedly in my bed, trying to get into a new novel with few charms. Rico, one of my employees, was heading home. He knows what I've been going through, because it happened to him as well. He had simply wanted to check in, but when he heard my voice (yeesh! Am I that obvious?) he suggested that we take our dogs and go to The Doggy Cafe instead.

I opted to leave BoBo and BugEyes behind, but I met Rico and his dog at the cafe in Dunedin (a small town nearby). I was surprised to see the swarming nightlife that came out on a Wednesday night in their downtown area! There are quaint shops, restaurants and bars, and all were full of people milling around.

We joined other local pet owners outside the restaurant, where there are tables scattered about the broad sidewalk. Rico ordered a Bud Lite, I ordered an iced tea, and we munched on appetizers. He's apparently a regular, because countless people there approached him and introduced themselves to me. There's something about having a dog that makes us all approachable.

I met many "movers and shakers" who were reduced to the average after hours. This was a time to kick back with friends, relax, drift from table to table and dog to dog.

One dog there had recently been hit by a car, and was lying down, unable to walk well after her surgery. Other dogs were brought over to rub noses with her. Her owner demonstrated how she helped the dog walk by wrapping an elegant scarf around her back hips and holding them up while the dog moved about using her front paws. We watched as they walked into the night, the owner holding the colorfully patterned red scarf as a sling with the dog limping gamely along.

A pretty young black girl came by and fussed over Rico's dog. When we began to talk, I found out that she worked for a local newspaper and that we knew some of the same people. Then I discovered she had a dog like BoBo and that she was looking for a stud to mate her with. When I told her excitedly that I wanted to breed BoBo (so I could have one of his puppies) we became fast friends (and I became a doggy pimp!) We excitedly exchanged numbers. I may have a new miniature poodle puppy in the next 6 months or so!

Soon enough I was saying goodnight to Rico and his dog, and The Doggy Cafe. It was a warm but breezy night, and the stroll back to my car was pleasant. Next time I will take BoBo. Perhaps he'll have a chance to meet The Future Mrs. BoBo.

P.S. Due to a couple private questions, the answer is NO. Rico is not, nor will he ever be, a love interest.


Notsocranky Yankee said...

Glad you had a nice evening! You deserve a break.

I gave my mother a dog (mine, since I couldn't keep him and fly, back when I was single). He was her buddy for 14 years and my mom met all kinds of people just being out with him. She visited us in Atlanta and very quickly knew all the dogs in the neighborhood. And the people that owned them too!

Ed Abbey said...

Thinking back about a post you recently wrote, if only humans could be matched as easily as miniature poodles.

Mike said...

If only matchmaking were always that easy huh?

Christine said...

Saur, I LOVED the story.
Unfortunately, I read it out loud and Max was listening. Now he's bugging me to visit the Doggie Cafe (around the corner from me).
Poor little guy wants some action.

Reverberate58 said...

It was nice that you got out of the slump you were in and went out. Sounds like it was just what you needed! A doggie pimp, my what is the Saur world coming to!!!!LOL Make sure we get pictures....of the pups! :)

mckay said...

what a good employee/friend to take you out on the town - doggy style!

i'd love to have that type of cafe here in orange county. maybe i'd actually get a social life ;-)

The Lazy Iguana said...

See this is why there is no "cat cafe". If anyone brought a strange cat near any of my cats - there would be a squabble. Plus, my cats object to the whole leash thing. Strongly. With their teeth.

But maybe I should get a dog, and go to dog cafe places to meet chicks? I will have to consider that. But I will not get a foo-foo little dog (will only attract dudes), and a big manly type dog will eat the other little foo-foo dogs chicks like to own.

Maybe I need a great dane? Those are large manly dogs that are not prone to eating smaller dogs! But the piles of poop!

Max the lizard walks on a leash.

Senor Caiman said...


I really like Dunedin. It's one of the few places I feel comfortable wearing a kilt.

daveawayfromhome said...

Ha ha, "doggy pimp"! Time for a new hat!

Jamie Dawn said...

I haven't been by here for awhile, but it sounds like your boyfriend and you have called it quits.
I'm sorry only if you're sorry. If it's best that he's gone, then... Good Riddance!!

mal said...

I would not use the word "pimp"...."Madame" would be more appropo I think *G*

green said...

Excellent story. Sounds like you needed a night out - and you met a new friend! Always good!

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

Our animal friends comfort us and entertain us and it seems the least we can do is make sure they have full lives. Getting your dog a girl is just part of giving him a full life...LOL!

And puppies are cute!

Have fun!


~QZ~ said...

love is so elusive, indeed. once the fire is out and all that is left are saggy, baggy body parts, well one has to just make a choice. do you stay, and suffer through skin infections and countless stomach surgeries? or do you dump that doughball and move on to more fascinating grounds. i'll let you answer that