Tuesday, July 18, 2006

News Flash!

Last night I met up with Chris, Carrie and Carrie's sister. We had a ball! I don't think I've laughed so hard in years. As Chris said later, we've never seen 3 hours fly by that fast! But I can't say any more. What happens in Dunedin stays in Dunedin. ;o)

Well, OK, there's one more thing I can say: There are people who would've given their right arm to have been there. They would've had enough material in three hours to write a novel. I was going to write more about the entire experience, but I think it needs to wait for another time, when I can get the others involved in the post.

A very special thank you to Chris for sponsoring the whole thing!

Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro are divorcing. I know, I know, this comes as a great shock to all of you. Apparently Carmen must've noticed the same thing *I* did: Hubby drooling over the different starlets he encounters. He was so obvious, he was probably leaving puddles all about, which is very inconvenient and could lead to all kinds of "slip n' fall" lawsuits. He was a walking liability.

Hezbollah vs. Israel: All I can say is "Go Israel!" I have no sympathy for the bad guys. And yes, Virginia, there still are bad guys. I just hope it doesn't escalate. Obviously this whole situation is a little unnerving for everyone in the international community right now. However, fellow blogger Barbara (an attorney in California) feels comfortable enough to be heading over there on vacation right now. My prayers go with her.

Homeowner's Insurance: I am one of the lucky ones still insured by Citizens (the state fund). But I have many friends who are riding out this hurricane season without any insurance whatsoever. Michelle's hubby recently informed me that my parents are considering dropping their hurricane coverage and simply doing what they can to "batten down the hatches" and hope for the best. He also told me that this is common for anyone with property on the beaches where (if they can get coverage at all) it is prohibitively expensive.

Florida is in the midst of an insurance crisis, and somehow no one knows what to do about it. This is shocking, when you realize that most of our elected officials are actually supposed to be both competant and representative of us. So, apparently we're all a bunch of weenies.


michelle said...

look at your email. I need help with a response.

I bet I can make you all talk!

Dave and Carmen divorcing? I am going to have to take a day off. This is sad indeed.

Miss Cellania said...

You deserve a great night out! I'll be looking forward to more details as they become available (as they say in the news biz).

Reverberate58 said...

Night out and no writing about it? I feel cheated!!

Divorce is so upsetting but why do they marry in the first place?

Insurance in Florida is another reason I am glad to not be living there any more! It just costs more and more and I just can't see the thrill of riding out another hurricane! Of course saying that the next big one will slide across central GA and I will be right in its path!!

mckay said...

mmmm, i had my first mojito a few weeks ago on the high recommendation of a coworker. yum.

someone's choosing to still go to Israel on vacation...when the government is evacuating people? how odd. my idea of a vacation is sitting by the beach listening to the waves lap the sand, not doing the duck and cover drills - for real.

~Deb said...

Mmmmmm that mojito looks soooooooo good.

Glad you had a nice time yesterday... It was so HOT! Ugh. I'm moving to Alaska!

And yes---go Israel! .... I'm with you on that one.

Hope you're doing great today...

Scott said...

Glad that you had a good time.

As for Israel and Lebanon. I kind of think that they are both bad guys at the moment. Normally I fully support Israel, but after hearing that seven Canadian civilians who were visiting family in Lebanon were killed by a bomb from an Israeli plane I definately feel differently. We have to remember that this is over the kidnapping of three soldiers. Now hundreds are dead. It is all very very sad.


Ed Abbey said...

I'm all for Israel taking it to Hezbollah but what I see it Israel bombing the hell out of Lebanon as a country. They show hospitals that have been bombed out along with warehouses, power plants and numerous other stuff that Hezbollah doesn't own or use. Even war happy Bush is cautioning Israel to go easy on the infrastructure.

On insurance, why shouldn't it be cost prohibitive to build in a high risk zone. Insurance industries are here to make money not lose it so I say go for it by jacking up the rates for those in high risk areas. Personally I'm hoping for another slew of major hurricanes to hit our coasts this year to finish off what it didn't quite get done last year. Otherwise people will just forget and rebuild (with my money) as always... until the next one comes along.

EmmaSometimes said...

Mojito? yummers.

Oh, it's so good to meet with friends.

Dave Navarro always seemed a bit creepy to me.

Homo Escapeons said...

If only Israel could just limit the carnage to executing fanatical criminals via Mossad. Making the 'Paris' of the Middle East pay for Hezbollah is completely inexcusable. Children and grandparents are suffering instead of the terrorists who are safely ensconced in bomb proof shelters.

If this does get completely out of hand the whole world is going to be drawn in and then we are once again staring into the abyss. The endless cycle of violence is a sad reminder of how little we learn from history.

Christine said...

Saur, honey!

I had so much fun last night, my side still hurts from laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hell, I think people would give up more than one limb to find out what was said and by whom.

You are a hoot to spend time with.
We all do seem to know a helluva lot more about each other now, don't we? I suspect that a story or two will appear here and I give my permission ONLY if you can give me a really cool pseudonym.

Enjoy all the festivities to come!

AQ said...

Happy Birthday, Saur! I sent you an email....

Fred said...

I expected to be dropped by Allstate this year when they announced all the cancellations. But, they haven't sent me anything yet, so it looks like I'm safe for another year.

Ellen said...

A very Happy Birthday to you, Saur. 40 isn't so bad, and you'll be getting some nice compliments on how there's NO WAY you look 40.... especially being a size 4!

I'm with homo escapeons about the carnage between Isreal and Lebanon. When will they/we learn what a waste all this war is?

As far as Dave and Carmen,I am shocked..... not! Only a little surprised it didn't happen a lot sooner. Emmas right, Dave is a little creepy.... and not even a good looking thugly.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Fred, it's kinda like gambling, so you should like it! ;o)

AQ, I got it, thanks hon! I love the card!

Chris, Me2! I had a ball!!! We could write a TV sitcom!

Escapeons, all good points. I don't disagree. But there are simply no easy solutions to this mess. The truth is, Hezbollah started it, the Israelis are finishing it, and anyone who harbors terrorists is part of the target.

Emma, Yup! Mojito! And Navarre always struck me as creeeeeepy, too. Son of Sam Creepy.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Ellen, thank you! I appreciate it. OH GAWSH. It's time to get ready and I forgot to get my jeans in the dryer. GOTTA GO!

exMI said...

You can't really say that Lebanon harbors Hezbollah. It is more like the southern end of the country is occupied by it. Hezbollah has a larger military structure than the country of Lebanon does.

As for insurence, I'm with ed_abbey. If you choose to live in high risk places expect to pay high risk prices.

jsull28fl@yahoo said...

I don't know how I'llslepp tonight with the news of Carmen and Dave. That really tears me up!
I'm definately with you on Isreal, folks ought not F with them because they will fight in the drop of a hat and they are a force to be reckoned with. If the US wasn't soft and undermined by the press and the far left freaks folks wouldn't try us as often as they do. If we responded like Isreal the fat boy in south Korea wouldn't have shot off and Iran would shut up too but we can't reply like that so they keep on.
Justa Fl. Cracker

Senor Caiman said...


I have a friend who is in Lebanon with her family (wedding). She sounded OK the first few days but now she's pissed. Hezbollah shouldn't have made this lady mad.

It's all bueno.

Nihilistic said...

MMMM....a picture of a Mojito...Addictive and minty!

mckay said...

the more i hear about israel and the hez the more i think israel needs to work on targeting just the mighty hez and not bomb the sh^t outta the whole country.

big bombs say a lot, but why kill so many innocents?

the more pics i see of dave navarro the more i think carmen shoulda run a long time ago.. just a tab creepy.

Eddo said...

Is that a mojito? Are those good? It looks good.

Love the news updates!

Kodijack said...

I have no problem with insurance in Florida being very, very high. When people who continually live in places that are visited by hurricanes then they need to pay for the reconstruction, not me.

I always thought that Dave was a little gay.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the "lucky" ones under Citizens. I would like to point out that is becoming cost prohibitive for all homeowners in Florida to get insurance. My hpmw is small (1000 sa ft.). I have never made a claim on my homeowners insurance (I would be afraid too). A hurricane has not hit here in recent history (Pinellas Co.). I do not live in a high risk area. As a matter of fact I do not even live in an evacuation zone but my insurance has tripled in the last five years. Everyone in the state of Florida is paying for these hurricanes whether or not they were affected by them or not. We can make it cost prohibitive to build on the beach but what about for the rest of us? I am only signing anon. because I forgot my password again uggg. I am Bandmom, Michelle's Sister (I really need a new name).

P.S. Happy Birthday

Badoozie said...

you covered too many topics for my feeble mind to wrap around. i shouldn't wait so late to blog. but then again, who else is going to do all the work around my ramshackle dwelling if i just sit and blog all night. and then again, maybe if i spill a few more drinks on my keyboard, i won't have to worry about blogging.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I know what to do about the insurance crisis!

1. Require BY LAW that all politicians in Floirda pay the SAME PERCENTAGE of their annual income for insurance as the average citizen making an average income pays for their insurance.

2. Requre all politicians in Floirda to stand in the same line as everyone else to get their roof fixed. Better yet, require that politicians be the LAST ONES to get their property repaired. Let the governor live in a FEMA trailer for a few months!

3. Pass a law that says politicians are the LAST PEOPLE to get the FEMA trailer. Also make it illegal under State Law for any politician to leave the disaster zone to live somewhere else while their property is repaired. Make them live without hot water OR electricity like the rest of us have to.

4. Make it LEGAL for angry mobs of citizens to torch the homes of insurance company executives who make millions of dollars by not paying claims and jacking up rates 70% this year.

5. Make it ILLEGAL for insurance companies to cover the damage caused by angry mobs of citizens torching the property of an insurance company executive.

Radical ideas? Yes. But if passed they would work.

Live, Love, Laugh said...

I saw Carmen the other night on ET. They were talking about her divorce and I was wondering how many times she has been married. Weird!

I can't imagine what it is like being in hurricane territory. Stay safe!!

Herb said...

I agree with you on Israel. Hezbollah is a known Terror org.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Thank you...This is my first use of my new icon!

meemaw2 said...

Happy Birthday Saur. 40 is not old I repeat, 40 is not old! You girls are just a wild little bunch. Have some fun for me...I know chris and carrie prolly had enough fun for all of us on the blog. Christine, did you take Saur to my nightclub?