Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My "Surprise" Party

Ozma was a little miffed as we left the party last night. "You knew!" she said accusatorily.

"Of course I did!" I answered. I had told her that on Sunday.

"Someone told you!" she declared. There was no way she would believe otherwise.

Poor Ozma. It sucks to have a friend with a great memory, who also listens carefully to everyone and files it all away for later reference. Because the honest truth was, no one told me. I'm just trained to listen and I put the pieces together. And you know what? It was a good thing that I knew it was coming. I've had wayyyyy too many surprises lately and it would have added additional stress, even though she meant well.

Michelle and Hubby were there, along with my Mexican Family which includes Ozma and her daughter (Kitten), Ozma's sister Carmen and her hubby (Sam), Jack, their brother Dan, their cousin Steve, and Mom & Dad. We had drinks, snacks, a birthday cake, love and laughter.

Kitten got me the yellow sign above, and handed me a card with a lei wrapped around it. When I opened the card, it read "The lei is so that you can tell everyone that you might be 40 but you can still get laid. :)" Ohhhhh, so it's like that, is it? Thanks, Kitten. You brat!

Ozma and her parents got me a lovely pamper-me gift. Carmen and Sam got me a nice little set of perfumes. Dan got me balloons and cake (brimming with enough candles to set the restaurant on fire) and it took me two deep breaths to blow the darned things out! Everyone else contributed with their presence and love.

I wore my lei all night.


Ed Abbey said...

Happy Birthday Saur. It sounds like things were going your way for at least one night. Hopefully you have many more days like that.

Christine said...

You are trained to listen carefully and file it all away for later reference?
That could be trouble.

BTW, You wore your lei as you slept.
That's IT?

So happy you had fun!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Christine, *LOL* Hey! I got lei-d! Not bad for a single gal, huh??? So don't knock it. :D

Ed, thanks, hon. I intend to!

Paul McCartney & "Wings" said...

Glad to hear your "surprise" party was a hoot! So did we "hear" that right, you got two leis? We'll just file that away for another time.

Everything gets better after 40! Even the leis.

Kellie (Carrie's sister) & Carrie

Saur♥Kraut said...

Kellie, *LOL* The moment I saw the "name", I knew it was you. I'm still grinning! And no, just one "lei". :P Ah, the life of a single, intimidating woman. At least, that's what Ozma tells me: I'm intimidating. I'm too "confident". So I'd be fun to sleep with, but terrifying to commit to. My thought is: are there any men that aren't wusses out there? Of course, maybe there are simply shallow men that just want a "lei". ;o)

Christine said...

Feeling flappy this morning?
Leis ARE more intense after 40, that is for DAMN sure!

Saur, not knocking the lei!
You mentioned you wore it to sleep.
I guess I'm extrapolating to what you DIDN'T say about the rest of your sleepwear!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Chris, ;o) I think the lei is a tasteful accessory all by itself.

Wings said...

Just to let you know, I'm officially a blogger with my own blog. I decided to take your advice and spread my wings.

michelle said...

Saur got a lei, hot damn!

Me too! (but I am not 40 yet) :)

Reverberate58 said...

Happy Birthday and now on to 50!! At least that is where I am heading in 2 more birthdays! The 40's have been very good to me! Sounds like you were taken very good care of for your birthday!

Christine said...

Read your blog, Wings!

~Deb said...

You're like a little undercover FBI agent. I'm surprised you don't have satellites hanging off your earrings. If I ever held a surprise party for would never know. Never. You've met your match sister! Bring it! ;)

So my Saur got laid, huh? Leid?

New York awaits surprises here. Promise. (mua ha ha)

Christine said...

"Under the covers" agent??
Why Saur, you're full of surprises.

In your repetoire of FBI cases, have you ever had the opportunity to use the infamous French Maid outfit while undercover?

Miss Cellania said...

Happy Birthday, Saur! The beginning of a new life, huh? Its gonna get better all the time! See, you already got lei-ed!

Mr. Althouse said...

Happy Birthday, Saur! Sorry I missed it. And... speaking as someone who is experienced at being 40 (been doing it for over 3 years now), it ain't so bad!


Badoozie said...

i'm so glad you had fun, you little sweetie!!!
you have such nice family and friends, bless their hearts for making it special for you. i'm willing to bet, you wear 40 with style!!

The Lazy Iguana said...

Surprises are for children. Really. I would much rather be asked what kind of "surprise" I would like the best.

Besides, you might give someone a heart attack or stroke! That kind of thing happens as people get longer in the tooth.

Ted said...

happy 40 I'm sure you will pull off being 40 and looking 28 for at least 10 more years. What I hope for you is a happy heart the rest all goes away some time but your spirit lives forever.

Fred said...

Well, you made it to forty. Congrats. Now you can forget about birthdays for the next ten years. Next up? 50!

Christine said...

Michelle, Saur...go to "Wings" blog.

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Saur! You're amazing, you don't have a single wrinkle.

EmmaSometimes said...

Happy Birthday Saur. You do look great (A perfect mix of Bardot and Twiggy, don't you think?)

Senor Caiman said...


On my 40th I just kept whacking the piƱata until the candy spurt forth. Those Mexicans have great tradition.

All women start using accelerated depreciation methods at forty (law of nature). FYI, Lane Bryant is having a great sale on pantsuits this weekend.

I still haven’t gotten anyone to explain to me why men get better looking with age while women just seem to droop. It’s not fair.

It’s all good.

Christine said...


I mean no disrespect but

Men go bald and grow big bellies and THINK they haven't changed.

Young women all look the same.
Women in their forties are sooo much more attractive. They are confident, wise, have attitude and exude sexuality.

Almost every attractive woman I know is forty
and above. Young women are sniffly airheads, fer shure.

Paul said...

Happy Birthday, Saur!!!

KristieD said...

Happy Birthday girl!! sounds like you had lots of fun and that you have lots of people around that love you. I threw my mom a surprise 40th birthday party. And she was actually surprised. It was great and she had a blast. Best party i ever put together, if i do say so myself. (And it wasnt even for me! i actually had to miss the surprise part, i got to do all the prep work, decorate, and then i had to go to work for some lame 3 hour shift i couldnt get covered. when i returned, my mom about tackled me with a hug b/c of how well we kept a secret from her!) Hope your day was Great!!

Carrie said...


Have you never heard of steer balls? Talk about droop. Keep whacking that pinata!!

uncle joe said...

If 40 is the new 30's, Is 80 the new terrible two's?

daveawayfromhome said...

Happy Birthday! Nothing wrong with being 40.
Look at me, I'm in just ass crappy condition now as I was ten years ago! Plus, you get the added advantage of being able to sneer in a superior manner about the behavior of those younger than you... you know, if you want to.